Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may jeopardise the safety of an aircraft or people on board. They can pose a risk to health, property or the environment. These include obvious things, such as: explosives, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, dangerous or volatile chemicals, strong acids, compressed gases, poisons and aerosols.


No Flamable Objects
No Toxic Liquids
Flammable Liquids
Banned Substances
Oxidising Materials
No Flamable Objects
Organic Peroxides
No Toxic Liquids
Toxic Substances
No Toxic Liquids
Radioactive Materials
No Liquids
Infectious Substances
No Fireworks
No Flamable Objects
Flammable Solids
No Magnets
Magnetised Material
Miscellaneous including dry ice and petrol engines



Cobalt also prohibits the carriage of balance wheels, hover boards, and other self-balancing vehicles in passenger cabin or hold stowed baggage. The risk of fire from these devices is considered too great for them to be permitted to be carried on-board Cobalt aircraft.


Prohibited Articles  

Prohibited articles include sharp items such as scissors, knives of any description. Tools and sharp accessories including screwdrivers, imitation toy guns, hypodermic needles, sporting equipment or any items which may be considered to be a risk to the passengers or crew, are prohibited from the aircraft cabin and must be packed in hold baggage.

No Guns
No Sharp Objects
No Sharp Objects
No Tools
No Sharp Objects
No Sharp Objects


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